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Grade : TSE3941-W
Cure Chemistry :Alkoxy
Feature: One-component, fast curing silicone adhesive sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber. Has excellent corrosion-free adhesion to metals, including copper, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc without the use of primers.
Grade : TSE382
Cure Chemistry :Oxime
Feature: TSE382 is a one-component, oxime curing, silicone adhesive sealant, which cures at room temperature with moisture in the air to an elastomeric rubber. This product bonds without the use of a primer to substrates like metals, plastics, ceramics and glass.
Grade : XE13-C2476
Cure Chemistry :Heat Cure
Feature: One-component, heat cure adhesive / sealant
Grade : TN3305
Cure Chemistry :Alkoxy
Feature: Fast tack, low volatile flowaable adhesive / sealant
Grade : ECC3050S
Cure Chemistry :Alkoxy
Feature: Fast cure conformal coating material. Low volatile. Solvent free.
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Subject : ISO 9001
Posted date :30 July 2013
ISO 9001:2008
Subject : Manufacturing Expo 2013
Posted date :15 July 2013
We would like to say thank you for your interest in Euromony Booth in Manafacturing 2013.